Core Aeration for Healthy Lawns

Reddi provides lawn aeration in the Wichita area. Aeration is necessary because over time, soil becomes compacted. Compacted soil prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s roots. The process is recommended once a year, or every other year at minimum. Aeration is often done in the fall with overseeding and fall lawn treatments.

Core aeration is a process that removes small plugs of turf from your lawn. The small holes left behind loosen the soil. A looser soil allows sunlight, air, water and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots. Regular aeration helps the roots grow deeper, promoting a stronger, healthier turf.

Can you Aerate Your Own Lawn?

Yes, especially if you have a small lawn. Manual tools, similar to a pitch fork can be purchased for about $50. Manual rolling are more expensive, but will allow you to cover more ground quickly. For larger lawns, you can rent a powered aerator, or hire a professional. Many homeowners opt for expert service, as the equipment can be large and cumbersome.

Aeration Services

Reddi’s aerating services are available in the Wichita area. We use a state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the core plugs are removed evenly and to the correct depth. Our technicians would love to help you improve your lawn’s health. If you’d like an estimate on aeration, or any of our lawn care services, get in touch today!

Aeration machine removing soil plugs from lawn