Professional Crabgrass Treatment in Wichita

Crabgrass is a common problem in Kansas. It’s ugly, destructive, and hard to get rid of. While the weed dies in the fall, it usually disperses seeds that you won’t be aware of until spring. An ongoing prevention plan is really key to keeping its growth at bay.

Crabgrass is an annual weed that typically appears in the summertime. It likes to grown in thin or bare spots in your lawn, usually in areas that get a lot of sun. It’s often found on the edges of sidewalks and driveways. Depending on the season, you have a few options for treatment.

Prevention is the Best Treatment

Because crabgrass damages your lawn quickly, stopping it before it has a chance to grow is the best treatment.

A pre-emergent herbicide applied in early and late spring will prevent crabgrass and many other weeds. This treatment forms a chemical barrier that attacks the crabgrass seeds as they begin to germinate. Because the weed never breaks the surface, no damage is done to your lawn.

Hand Pulling Crabgrass

If you encounter crabgrass during the summer, pull it out of the ground, root and all. Put the remnants in a bag so the seeds can’t spread. This is a time consuming process, but effective.

Spot Herbicide Treatments

If you opt not to hand pull the weed, a post-emergent crabgrass killer is effective for spot treatments. If applied properly these products should, not harm your grass.

The only disadvantage with spot treatments vs. hand pulling is that you have to make sure you get the right amount of herbicide to the root to kill the plant completely.

Professional Crabgrass Killer

Crabgrass has to be controlled, not just “killed”. It is not typically eliminated in a single treatment. In fact, it could take a season or two to completely eliminate the weed. Ongoing crabgrass treatment combined with regular weed control is recommended.

A thick, strong lawn with regular fertilization and weed control can help reduce crabgrass. If you’re tired of fighting this invasive weed, give us a call for an estimate.