How Often Should You Sharpen Mower Blades

October 26, 2023

Most homeowners should sharpen their lawn mower blades twice a year. Once at the start of the season, and once in late summer, or halfway through mowing season.

The need to sharpen varies depending on how often you mow, and what you are mowing. Accidentally mowing over rocks, mulch, and other debris can dull your blade faster. The type of grass and size of your lawn you will also dictate the frequency. It is important for the health of your grass to use a sharp blade.

Benefits of a Sharp Mower Blade

  • Appearance – Dull blades don’t create a crisp clean cut. They can tear the grass, and leave a choppy and uneven appearance.
  • Lawn Health – Mangled grass from a dull blade can stress the lawn, and leave it more susceptible fungal diseases and insects.

Replacing Dull Mower Blades

Eventually all mower blades need to be replaced. Even if you’ve regularly sharpened and cleaned the blades, they do wear out. Replacement is typically needed every few years. Examine your blade annually, if you see any of these issues, consider a replacement.

  • There are many chips and dents
  • The cutting edge isn’t straight
  • Blade is no longer uniform and straight
  • They have eroded, and need frequent sharpening

Always exercise caution when performing tasks on your mower. Review your owner’s manual before performing any work.

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Sharpen Mower Blades